Mobility Issues

Ministry for people with mobility challenges

  • Events
    • The Day at the Dells in August and the Advent/Christmas Party in December are opportunities for people throughout the diocese to gather for prayer and fellowship. Handicap accessible busses are available throughout the diocese for these events.
  • Grants
    • The Apostolate is able to provide financial assistance to parishes who want to updates their parish buildings so that they are accessible to all parishioners.
  • Called to serve
    • By our baptism, each person is called to be a part of a parish community. If a physical limitation provides a barrier to participating in a way that you feel God is calling you to serve, please contact your pastor and/or the Apostolate so that we can work with you and your pastor to overcome these barriers in your parish.
  • TV Mass
    • Since 1967, the Apostolate has provided a weekly TV mass celebrated by a priest from our diocese for those who are home-bound or have difficulty getting to their church.
    • Times and channels
      • 6am on WISC-TV 3
      • 7am on TVW (Channel 3.2 for those with antennas) and Direct TV 14 (Cable)
      • Past masses are posted to our Facebook page early each week

Latest News

Guidelines For The Celebration Of The Sacraments With Persons With Disabilities
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Guidelines For The Celebration Of The Sacraments With Persons With Disabilities

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