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We are challenged to minister as Christ ministered
Our Story


We seek to support the ministries for Catholics with disabilities with information on the best practices and resources currently being developed and utilized.
Intellectual and
Developmental Disabilities (IDD)
Difficulty understanding mass? Challenges in your parish religious education program? Looking for support from other Catholic families?
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Mobility Issues
The Apostolate offers a grant program to assist individuals with mobility issues with accommodations to be able to fully participate in their parish.
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(Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Blind)
The Apostolate helps people with sensory disabilities find a home in their parish and overcome obstacles to receiving the sacraments.
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Aging/Older Adults
In some way, most older adults experience one or more significant disabilities at the end of their lives.
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Mental Illness
People suffer silently from many forms of mental illness and ignorance in the community creates stigmas surrounding this type of illness.
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Life Issues
We provide support and education on how to respond to a prenatal diagnosis or end of life decisions.
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Stay Connected

Stay up-to-date with what is going on in the Apostolate for Persons with Disabilities.

Celebrating 50 years

Looking at our foundation and growth, we are thankful for all who make it possible to provide this ministry in the Diocese of Madison.

Our Mission

We are challenged to minister as Christ ministered:
seeing beyond disability to ability; nurturing and challenging each person’s abilities; and advocating on behalf of all of the disabled so that they will be allowed full access to all of life and the sharing of God’s blessings on our church, country and community.

Working closely WITH OTHERS

The Apostolate is blessed to work under the direction of the bishop, as part of the Diocese of Madison, and along side Catholic Charities who provides for the needs of many people with disabilities.
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